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About Us

Carefully idealized by ours experienced founders to become reference in the segment of refractories. We produce a wide variety of special parts in high performance refractory concrete for the most uses. As well, monolithic refractories in general.

With a fully automated and continuous production system, and with the help of a qualified team to develop and follow all the projects, we have in our plant a modern factory line for extruded parts and high complexity. And of course, with our specialized laboratory, we always search for to improve our materials.

Always committed to our customers, we offer full time, availability, commercial technical support and trust.



Complete line of monolithic

Specially developed for the aluminum segment and its different needs for use and application.

Concretes for construction and reform of equipment.

Insulating and semi-insulating concrete

Composed of lightweight aggregates of low thermal conductivity, indicated according to the temperature desired for the project.

Monolithic for repairs and protective paints

From conventional concrete for projection, chemically additive, ready-to-use plastics, mortars, protective inks and non-adhesives.

Containers para transporte de alumínio líquido

Technology developed especially for these coatings.

Pre-molded parts

Manufactured according to the need of each project.

Liquid aluminum transfer chutes

non-wettable to the aluminum and resistant to the abrasion, in modules, being able to contemplate thermal insulation project.


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